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Who are you?

I am 19 years old, born in Korea, and have been studying in Singapore since 2010.

// My Characteristics

I am a jack of all trades, with specific experiences and expertise in virtually any sector, especially regarding creative mediums.

My work processes favour creativity and innovative approaches to tasks. This is accompanied by heavy, yet uncluttered documentation with a focus on presentation.

// My Beliefs

I cannot emphasise the importance of the Medici Effect enough, and have an intense ardour for intellectual cross-pollination.

The Confucian ideal society resonates with me, one where the people are enriched in knowledge, coexisting beyond the cofines of capital and even ownership. After all, why should one's knowledge be exclusively theirs? The propagation of knowledge should be catalysed by altruism.

I'll hopefully be making more abstract blog posts.

What do you want?

I wish to apply various knowledge and skills I have acquired in the past, gaining a deeper understanding of them in the process.

My penultimate goal by 30 is to become someone who can create something fully of my own, from design to operation. I'm confident that your school will be the right path to that.

My ultimate goal is world domination. Perhaps you can help me with that too.

What do you do?

You can find my showcase and blog posts here.

What are your skills?

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