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Sanalog | 2022-08-17

Suspension of the Human Being

August 2022

Capitalism is inherently inhuman. It divides the people of a nation, modelling them as utterly selfish individual players, and to what result? It is the most self-concerned of them all that wield the most economic power; we are thus compelled to an equivalent standard of self-concernedness, undermining society. Only through a cold, unyielding willingness to ignore the cries of society and the environment in favour of the siren call of money can one become successful. These are characteristics of a reactionary.

What is a reactionary? The reactionary bases his opinion on this moment. His myopic, rash, and thoughtless decision-making to fulfil his present needs relegates him to no more than a leaf, carried by the political winds to a destination beyond his control, and often knowledge. Those who still believe capitalism is the future are complicit in this buffoonery. Without a paradigm shift, our present practices will be the precise cause of our extinction. Do you see it? The monsoons shifting to times beyond their nature, the abscondence of wildlife from man's habitat, the blatant rise in temperatures… Man is itself a product of nature, and by destroying it we destroy ourselves.

This paradigm shift is not as profound as it sounds. Let the corporations crumble, and in their place be built new monuments. Monuments which answer not to the greed of individuals, but to a nation whole. A nation could even leave its taps running and lights on if only conglomerates would be accountable to the environments within which they operate! In reality, that responsibility is sold to accommodate a few more employees to work in day-night cycles.

In fact, is it not surprising that millions can work 10-hour shifts without picturing a deep flaw with their employment? Capitalism is a suspension of the human being. We alienate all other aspects of our being and submit ourselves as figures, units of labour. And we are valued as such, whether it be physical labour or that of the intellect. If other aspects of our person come into play, they are only secondary aides to the obtaining of capital.

Therefore, Humanity has become subservient to capital, and we foolishly think this to be good on account of the fact that we have not (yet) perished from it, having been allowed a comfortable margin of life by it. Capitalism is, however, inherently inhuman.

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