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Sanalog | 2022-08-17


August 2021

The collapse will happen in my lifetime. Now we may be subservient to the moral compass, capitalism, and jurisprudence, but the turning point that announces a paradigm shift may just as well be tomorrow. Our vital signs are an illusion of normalcy that is too fragile to defend long term predictions of the future.

Technological advancements are too slow to catch up to the consequences of out hedonistic tendencies, and a deus ex machina is realistically not happening. It is time for the world to put us back in check, the virulence a flare that demarcates event horizon.

Does event horizon mean the point of no return? Humans have influence, but you still get quizzical looks telling others of the surge in mortality as they refuse to admit a new pathogen is the catalyst.

God damn it wear masks for christ's sake please - I don't trust the big pharma enough to not be a drama queen over my maskless neighbour taking the same lift as I'm in aaaaAaaaaaAAAAaaaAA

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